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Digital Spheres

Our Digital Sphere displays are cutting-edge 360° digital displays and we make the entire process from order to installation seamless. Standard sizes
are 24″ to 10 ft!

All Digital Spheres have 360-degree viewing capabilities and can be easily set up using plug-and-play technology. Additionally, each sphere comes with two mounting options: hanging and floor stand. Keep in mind while choosing size and resolution how far the viewer will be from digital sphere.
Digital spheres come in varying sizes and resolutions. The image quality is determined by the size of the LEDs. A smaller LED size allows for more LEDs to be placed in a given area, resulting in a clearer and more vivid picture.

Screen Solutions offers rentals on select digital spheres. Call our office to find out more information and pricing.

Get access to our digital content library when you purchase or rent one of our spheres. Our exciting and engaging content wraps seamlessly through our web-based player.
Digital Sphere Products

Explore Infinite Possibilities with Digital Spheres

Sporting Events

Digital spheres are redefining the spectator experience in sporting events. From virtual stadiums that bring the thrill of the game to any location to augmented reality enhancements during live events, digital spheres create a dynamic and interactive atmosphere. Fans can access real-time stats, virtual replays, and engage in social interactions, enhancing their overall enjoyment.


Provide immersive and interactive learning experiences with Digital Spheres. These spheres facilitate virtual classrooms, connecting students globally and enabling dynamic lessons. Through virtual simulations, students engage in hands-on learning, transcending traditional boundaries.

Trade Shows

Experience the future with our state-of-the-art digital spheres. Explore enhanced connectivity, seamless integration, and groundbreaking features that set our products apart. Elevate your digital presence and embrace a new era of possibilities


With the Screen Solutions International Explorer package we offer 24" and 32" Digital spheres that come in a flight case and with a command center making it super easy for you to integrate sphere education into your classroom, at a discounted rate. Contact us for full package information and pricing.

Types of Digital Spheres We offer

Transform any space into a captivating visual showcase with our versatile digital spheres. Captivate your audience and harness the power with 360 degree viewing capabilities.

Explore Infinite Possibilities

Transform any space into a captivating visual showcase with our versatile digital spheres. Captivate your audience and harness the power with 360 degree viewing capabilities.

Experience events like never before with our state-of-the-art digital spheres. Our captivating blend of technology and creativity transforms any space into a dynamic visual canvas, perfect for trade shows, company launch parties, and other events.
Our range of sizes ensures a perfect fit for every occasion, and our commitment to customer satisfaction means we’re always expanding our inventory to meet your needs. Don’t see the size you want? Contact our office for custom sizing.
Digital Sphere Products
The possibilities with digital spheres are endless, limited only by imagination. From showcasing brand logos and advertisements to projecting mesmerizing animations and videos, these spheres offer a versatile platform for expression.
Take control of your digital sphere experience with our intuitive command center. Easily upload images to create playlists tailored to your event’s theme and objectives. Gain access to a vast library of free earth and weather content.



Our standard sphere sizes range from 24 inches to 10 feet! The ideal size depends on two key factors: the available space where the sphere will be positioned and the viewing distance of your users. Take a look at the reference diagram below for guidance.

Latest Technology

Our unwavering commitment lies in crafting exceptional products. As technology advances, so do our offerings. Starting in 2024, all our spheres will feature robust hard coat paneling, ensuring unparalleled durability. Say goodbye to concerns about LED strings getting crushed—our hard coat panels have you covered!