Digital Hemisphere

Our Digital Hemispheres are a 180-degree display available in many different sizes and in three different levels of resolution: p2, p2.5, and p3. These hemispheres can be mounted in various ways, including stand, ceiling, and wall mount. With built-in controls, we ensure a seamless installation process. Controlling your sphere has never been more intuitive. With our optional purpose-built i7embedded touch PC is mounted to the sphere processor. This custom-designed mount allows for quick access and safe storage

How it Works

Our Digital Spheres come in multiple sizes and resolutions, guaranteeing an experience that will captivate your audience.

Every Sphere includes a floor stand, hoist point, and cables for suspending it from the ceiling. How you want to display it is totally up to you.
In addition, the plug n’ play systems supports HDMI, Display Port, SDI as well as other formats, making it effortless for you to set up and operate

Uploading Content

 Controlling your sphere has never been easier with our intuitive system. With our optional purpose-built i7 embedded touch PC mounted to the sphere processor, you can quickly access and safely store it. The custom-designed mount ensures convenience and safety.
Our Digital Sphere Control unit enables wireless control of your digital sphere. You can use kiosks, tablets, touch tables, phones, and more to access and control your sphere using our provided software. Enjoy effortless and seamless control with our system.

Latest Technology

Our unwavering commitment lies in crafting exceptional products. As technology advances, so do our offerings. Starting in 2024, all our spheres will feature robust hard coat paneling, ensuring unparalleled durability. Say goodbye to concerns about LED strings getting crushed—our hard coat panels have you covered!