Types of Digital Spheres We offer


Digital spheres have the advantage of not being affected by ambient lighting restrictions. You can display them indoors under direct light without compromising their quality. These types of spheres are commonly sold to museums, casinos, and educational institutes, among others.
Outdoor Digital Sphere
Looking to display your sphere outdoors? Our fully waterproof, hard-coated digital spheres can be permanently mounted outdoors. With no ambient lighting restrictions, this is a great solution for outdoor entertainment and advertising
Looking for a Digital Sphere to make your event more attractive? We have a variety of sizes available in stock for rentals. Renting a sphere is a great way to showcase it at an event or a trade show without worrying about transportation or storage. If you are interested in renting, please feel free to contact our office for more details.

Digital Hemispheres

Our Digital Hemispheres are a 180-degree display available in many different sizes and in three different levels of resolution: p2, p2.5, and p3. These hemispheres can be mounted in various ways, including stand, ceiling, and wall mount.

Latest Technology

Our unwavering commitment lies in crafting exceptional products. As technology advances, so do our offerings. Starting in 2024, all our spheres will feature robust hard coat paneling, ensuring unparalleled durability. Say goodbye to concerns about LED strings getting crushed—our hard coat panels have you covered!